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CENTRE, Alabama
United States

Sewing Accessories for Pet Lover – Donating to the Rescues

I came from a long line of Seamstresses, and it turned out I was going to be the Sewist for the next generation.  I only had bits of time to sew growing up and while I was young. The good news is I have made my second career all about it and gt to sew all the time.  But what do I sew for this dream life??


I have always loved animals – Especially dogs.  I took my skills and researched what active dog lovers could use and enjoy.  I test products with my fur baby to make sure they are durable and beneficial for the pet parent.

I want to make a difference to the animals in this world and the people who love them.  So now all of the profits from what I create go to help rescue dogs.


So if you have purchased something from me or you have been following me for a while, Thank you!

You are the ones that have made my dream life possible!

Thank you for reading my profile and I hope you have an amazing day!


Ghoulishly Perfect
This purse was perfect for me to use on walk with my dog. As described and as expected - excellent!
Love these bags! I’ve ordered several for myself and friends for gifts! Very easy to work with the seller and. Great patterns to pick from!
love these little poop bags. It is my third one. I lost my last one and was so happy that you still made them. I especially like the little inside pocket where I usally stuff and $20 so I don't have to take my purse.
Just what I was looking for!! Very happy with my purchase!
The bag was absolutely beautiful but a little smaller than I was looking for so I returned it and Deborah is making me a larger one with the same fabric. The fabric is just perfect!!
love love love this water bag!! so cute for,, goin to add a magnetic to the water part incase I want to use it for something else- quality is amazing!! Thank you
Absolutely love it!! To cute and very easy to use!!!
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